Thursday, 21 February 2019

Blind Date with a Book!

Today we (Emma, Me, Chloe [Forever Fictional] and Taya) visited our additional home: Waterstones.
Whilst in the kingdom of books, we decided to be brave and try their 'Blind Date with a Book'. Basically, you get given 5 words that describe the book and you buy whichever one interests you.
Each of us selected our mysterious books and the lovely lady behind the counter scanned them secretly for us so she wouldn't ruin the surprise. We then went outside and found a bench to reveal our new books!!

Chloe: moody, tortured, raw, emotional, AMAZING

Kaitlin: creepy, mystery, murder, past, friendships

Emma: horror, post-apocalyptic, shocking, original, mysterious

Taya: inconceivable, adventure, romance, fairy tale, R.O.U.S

Chloe: In Love by Alfred Hayes

Kaitlin: The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor

Emma: Nod by Adrian Barnes

Taya: The Princess Bride by William Goldman

It was really fun unwrapping the books - just like Christmas!
Also, all the books actually sound interesting; they aren't just the rejected books that no one wants to buy!

Overall, it was a really nice day and I enjoyed seeing everyone. And, if you are ever interested in the Waterstones blind book dates, I'd recommend it.



  1. You should do this with me but with your books, so I don't know exactly what book I am going to be reading :P Glad you enjoyed yourself :D

  2. It was so much fun! (Am I an awful hoarder if I keep the Waterstones wrapping paper because it's just too beautiful?)

    1. Scrapbooks are sooooo useful to avoid mass amounts of clutter - you just keep a square and then can write information about the day/what it is underneath. Now if only I followed my own advice again...

    2. That would be a good idea but I'm not that organised haha

  3. I always think this sounds super fun, but I'm worried to do it when purchasing things. We do it at work sometimes (the library), and that's really fun. I'm glad you have more guts than I do! It's good you guys got some fun sounding ones. Chloe and Emma's picks both sound right up my alley.
    It's funny, I thought of The Princess Bride when I read the description, but I thought it was going to be a similar book rather than the actual one, haha. Hope you guys have fun reading these!

    1. Libraries are a good idea.
      Taya was actually the only one that managed to guess her book from the description!