Saturday, 11 May 2019

April Wrap-Up!

Spring has sprung upon us!
This month has been the craziest of the year - one minute I am free-falling 7,000 ft in the air and the next I am stuck in a stuffy exam room.
Also, sorry this is a bit late, I haven't exactly had much time on my hands recently.

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Books read:

Breaking Silence by Jacob Sam-La Rose
4 stars

 As I am officially in exam season (help), I re-read all the texts I need to study and annotated the life out of them. I don't like writing in books, but for college you have to, and I do agree that it is very beneficial to search and underline techniques as you read the books. Not only does it encourage you to understand the text better but it also familiarises you with the book much more.

This is my favourite of the texts and I believe JSLR's poetry is enjoyable to read as well as being really interesting to explore.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
3 stars

This is another book I need to study and I have a definite love-hate relationship with this book. When we first started studying it I did not enjoy it. I thought the characters were all self-absorbed and that the writing was unnecessarily wordy. Now I have studied it and reread it multiple times, I do see the beauty of it and the talent Fitzgerald has as a writer. Overall, I am still not the number one fan of this book but I do appreciate the writing much more and no longer want to throw it off a cliff.

A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams
3 stars

This is the last text I reread for college and as it's a play, my boyfriend and I decided that the best way to revise it was to act it out (our accents we used were definitely not American but they were funny to say the least).

This play deals with some dark themes which are not the most enjoyable to read about, and definitely doesn't have a happy ending but it is an interesting show of 1940's America and their society.

Heathers the Musical by Kevin Murphy and Laurence O'Keefe
4 stars

I got this copy of the play when I went to see it last November and then let someone else borrow it before I had even read it!! (It's okay Emma, I don't mind, the musical swap was fun!). 

I love the musical and it is really fun to reread it as I can picture the songs and scenes so clearly in my head.

Favourite stuffs: 

The Balance by Catfish and The Bottlemen

I was a fan of the band's previous albums (The Balcony and The Ride) and this new album did not disappoint! It is a great album to listen to when getting odd jobs done or if you need some energy to get you up in the morning.

The Mentalist

I have been watching this TV series for quite a long time now, but whoah did this series (6) suddenly get intense!!!

I was recommended this series by a friend and I was suddenly addicted. The series follows Patrick Jane who works for the CBI and solves murder cases. It is entertaining as well as very intense. 

Stuff bought/gained:

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
All That She Can See by Carrie Hope Fletcher

I found both of these books secondhand at a garden centre.

Yes, I found another edition of The Book Thief!! I have been building up my collection for quite a while and wasn't sure how easy it would be to find the remaining editions I have to collect but I found the Australian edition!! How?? This is by 10th edition of the book now and I am so, so happy.

I also found another of Carrie's books that I don't own so I obviously had to get it to support the amazing person she is!

Marauder's Map skirt

I loveee this skirt. I get very fussy when it comes to skirts or dresses as I don't want them to be too short or tight (I know, the opposite to all trends). I love this skirt, it is pretty much knee-length and is really nice and floaty. I got it secondhand from Depop and the seller (britishteacup) was really nice and let me buy it for a discounted price.

Things done:

Week away

At the beginning of the month, I went away for a week with my family and stayed in a lovely place by the sea. We went on lots of walks and made the most of the sunshine when it appeared. (My little brother snuck into my photo).

Sculpture walk

I was invited out with my boyfriend's family and we went to a woodland area filled with sculptures. Although I will admit that sculptures are not my area of passion in the art world, it was still an enjoyable walk and a nice day.

Everybody's Talking About Jamie

I got to see the musical!!!!!
I really enjoyed it and I left feeling amazing! The cast were great though we did have understudies for Jamie and his mum. His mum was incredible. Melissa Jacques played the role for this performance and she was amazingg. The whole time I was wondering how crazy good the original actor is if this is just the understudy. I am so glad she played the role as her singing was so powerful and emotional.


It has been a dream of mine for yearsssss to go skydiving and I finally did it!!
I jumped from 7,000 ft and went into freefall at 125mph before the parachute opened and I glided down.
IT WAS AMAZING! I loved it. I want to go higher as you get longer freefall which I loved so much. It felt incredible!
Thank you to my instructor who brought me down safely and for giving me an amazing experience.

Instructor: "How was it?"
Instructor: "What are you doing the rest of the day? Showing off?
Me: "Going to work actually"
Instructor: "You are crazy"

Bear Grylls Experience

For my sister's birthday, we drove to Birmingham and took part in the Bear Grylls experience where we did: a maze which tests your fears; an escape room; an obstacle course and snorkeling with sharks and rays. It was a fun day and I was exhausted by the end of it.
(Yes, I look the most pathetic person)


After all that excitement, I am now trapped in the middle of exams.
College is nearly over which is terrifying yet a relief at the same time.

I am already late uploading this post but I feel that I am not going to get many written the next month or so as I need to revise, revise and revise and then go cry.

Also, I believe that this hilarious photo of my brother being moody sums up the feeling of exams perfectly.

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If you are in the middle of exams like I am, good luck!!
If not, enjoy all the freedom you have and treat yourself by taking a relaxing walk or something. This applies to examers (my new word) too, go relax!



  1. Yay! I forgot how much you'd done that month :D
    Glad you enjoyed our Streetcar acting; I've auditioned us for an audiobook ;)
    I really like the skirt (really pretty on you) and the photo of your brother is still one of my favourites in the world.

    P.S. you'll have to give me at least 12 months of notice before you jump out another plane, pleaseee :P

    1. I know! It's exhausting to remember.
      Oh god.
      Thank you.
      Yes! It makes me laugh every time!!!!!!!1

      Haha okay

  2. Wow! What a crazy, intense month! I'm so glad you got to do some great things - especially your dream of skydiving - and thank goodness you loved it! Your Marauder's Map outfit is fantastic (is that a Time Turner I see?). I don't have much in the way of Harry Potter fashion (maybe just a Hogwarts crest necklace?) but I want to get a cardigan or something. I've only recently started purchasing fandom clothing, and I love it.
    Best of luck on your exams!!

    1. I loved it!!!!
      Yes it is ;-) . You definitely should get more, practically everything I wear is related to some fandom!!
      Thank you :-)