Monday, 22 July 2019

Reader Problems - Taking Books On Holiday

I was thinking about starting a new series of posts called 'Reader Problems'. I know it's not a very original concept as other people are already making similar content, but I think it will be fun for me to write, so... I'm doing it anyway.
As I'm currently on holiday (hoping I finish writing this on time), I thought it would be fun to discuss all the problems I faced when trying to decide what books to take with me.
I have narrowed it down to my top five things I needed to consider when selecting books to take away with me.

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1. Limited luggage restrictions

This is my biggest dilemma I have to conquer when selecting my books. I never know how many to bring. If I only bring 3 or 4 then I have room for my clothes, but what if I read them all and have nothing else to read?? Another decision I need to make is what size books do I take? Hardback books are out of the question, there is no way I am wasting valuable space with them. Do I bring long books so they'll last longer or do I bring short books so I can fit more in my luggage???

2. I don't want to ruin the condition of my books

Any time a books travels anywhere, there is always the risk of it getting damaged. Because of this, I do not want to bring brand new books or special books. The problem with this is that I don't own many books in a bad condition as I am fussy and don't like buying a book in such a state. Even if I do find such books on my shelf, I still feel the need to wrap it up safely for the journey.

3. Mood reading - I might not want to read the genre of book I chose

Recently, I have turned into a complete mood reader. I stopped making TBRs and just accepted that I have no idea what I am going to read each month. This makes it even harder to choose books to take with me. Right now I might want to read fantasy, but what if I want to suddenly read historical fiction??

4. I might lose books

Travelling places comes with many risks. One of which is the risk of your luggage being lost. With this in mind I want to take all of my books in my hand luggage with me so they are under my protection, but it is an unrealistic plan. Also, what if I get held at knife point and they demand my books off me? My babies!!!

5. I need space if I want to buy new books

So I'm at the point where I have finally chosen all of my books I'm taking with me and I have started my journey. At the airport I have time to spare while I wait for my flight and the next thing I know I have bought some new books... how am I going to fit these in my luggage on my return journey????

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In conclusion, the sensible option would be to just take my kindle with hundreds of different books on it... but where's the fun in that??



  1. I love going on holiday with the car, which is what I'm going to do next Friday. I can just take a bag with books and my Kindle.

    If I'm to go with the plane I only take my Kindle :)

    I do agree on being afraid that I ruin the condition of my book, so I only pick books that aren't that precious to me!

    1. Going by car makes things so much easier!!

      The plane hadn't even got in the air yet and I managed to rip one of my books (cries)

  2. Sounds like a lot of intense stressing :P
    Sorry to hear about your latest damaged book :( My thoughts are out to their family.
    Held at knife point and demanding your books, hahaha :D
    You never do the sensible option :/

    1. And you doubted the trauma I was experiencing.
      Such a tragic accident.
      It's a common occurrence.

    2. I'm sorreh!
      I think I might have to check in whether you're alright when you come back ;)
      Urm, can we speak more about this then? I am concerned for your safety :3

  3. I'd definitely take a kindle. No way am I risking the condition of my books in a suitcase! XD

    1. But then we start the list of all the cons of using a kindle! Can't see it outside, might run out of charge....etc

  4. Whenever I go on holiday, which is rarely, I always bring my favorite book with me (Stolen by Lucy Christopher.) I had to get a new copy because the spine of my softcover was dying. I recommend bringing an absolute favorite book. If it gets damaged, now you have an excuse to buy a newer one, lol!
    Vivien @ Pages of Wonderland

    1. That's a nice idea :-) I'll remember that in the future